ESA User Services powered by Open Source

Created by:

Stephan Meissl, Thomas Bonfort, and Fabian Schindler

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This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 Unported License.


  • ESA User Services - ngEO
  • ngEO Browse Server
  • MapCache Enhancements
  • Live Demonstration

ESA User Services - ngEO

  • Operational Fully Online Data Access Service
  • GMES and ESA Legacy Satellite Missions
  • Fully Centralised Configuration Management
  • Generic System usable for any Mission

ngEO Browse Server - Architecture

Browse Server Architecture

ngEO Browse Server

  • Entirely based on Open Source Software
  • OGC's WMTS and WMS Standards
  • Configuration from ngEO Controller
  • Data ingested by ngEO FEED
  • Authentication using Shibboleth
  • Authorization from ngEO Web Server


  • Input Geographic Metadata for Geo-referencing
    • Footprint polygon
    • Regular grid of tiepoints
    • Pre-georeferenced images
  • Optimizations
    • Footprint generation
    • Re-projection
    • Addition of alpha-channel
    • Internal tilling
    • Overviews
    • Compression

MapCache Enhancements

Time dimension support

        select strftime('%Y-%m-%dT%H:%M:%SZ',start_time)||'/'||strftime('%Y-%m-%dT%H:%M:%SZ',end_time) from time where source_id=:tileset and start_time<=datetime(:end_timestamp,'unixepoch') and end_time>=datetime(:start_timestamp,'unixepoch') and maxx>=:minx and maxy>=:miny and minx<=:maxx and miny<=:maxy order by end_time limit 100


Visual representations of search results e.g. single browses or all browses in a specific time interval

Read-only functionality



Absent tiles are considered empty instead of being sent to WMS for generation

Configure max-cached-zoom



Dynamically create high resolution tiles from lower resolution ones

Storage optimization e.g. detect_blank



9 bytes stored per tile (hex quadruplet). Dynamically returned as a 132 byte PNG.



Live Demonstration

Time Slider

Time Slider

Entire Dataset

Entire Dataset






  • Mature Open Source Software building blocks for operational software exist
  • Open Source software allows for flexible adaptations where required
  • New Functionality is fed back to the communities
  • Time axis is important


European Space Agency - ESA

Funding has been provided by the European Space Agency (ESA) in the frame of the ngEO project.

Thank you for your Attention

  • EOX IT Services GmbH, Austria @eox_a,
    • Stephan Meissl @Schpidi
    • Fabian Schindler

  • Thomas Bonfort @tbonfort

Creative Commons License

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 Unported License.